As a flagship event of Great Britain’s International Festival for Business (IFB2016) ACCELERATE has gained a reputation for a business event that really delivers. Big name speakers, 800 delegates and bespoke and genuinely inspirational workshops give you the perfect opportunity to recharge and accelerate your business into its new phase. Now in its fourth year ACCELERATE’s ambition is simple. Build more successful business. How do we do this? By equipping you with the right tools and connecting you with the right entrepreneurs.

ACCELERATE helps you to clearly see your business, where you want to go and how you can get there, through a day of insight, inspiration and networking. As part of IFB2016 the event will focus on establishing lasting connections and identifying clear, achievable actions that will grow your business. Forget the usual suspects, ACCELERATE’s lively international line-up of speakers are forward thinking, thoroughly interesting and pioneering business people, illuminating today’s business world with exciting stories and advice that can apply to all. Encouraging innovative thinking and offering strategic choices, ACCELERATE will help push your business to the next level.

You will have the opportunity to tailor the event to suit your own business needs.


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Passion is the inspiration for many businesses. What connects with the heart of the business connects with the heart of its customers and Accelerate 2016 has selected a speaker who understands the value of passion in building a business. This session will inject creative thinking, drive and determination into the audience to fuel their success.


The Accelerate 2016 Performance speaker will communicate how to become agents of change and promote the mind-set of 'know no limits' as we create new, better ways of living and working. Aiming to inspire and make a radical difference to people and organisations across the globe, they will advocate the strengths of performance and how it can result in only the best in their life and work.


Knowledge is power and a leading business has to have the right information at its fingertips. Starting a business is a big step, but going on to grow your business to the point of world recognition is in another league.
This year's Power speaker shares their own experience and knowledge, inspiring the audience to think smarter, overcome challenges and empower their business for market domination.


Learn about the importance of digital for businesses and your own career, and get top tips from Google on how to build a business online. This Masterclass from the Digital Garage Team will include advice on how to build websites that work for all audiences, help you understand search and the customer purchase journey, and show you how to tell your story online, through social media and meaningful content.

Closing the day will be an industry great, a high profile, inspiring and energising speaker, who has played at the highest level and succeeded. Taking to the main stage, ACCELERATE 2016 will close leaving you feeling empowered, refocused and instilled with the attitude that you can take on the world.